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a book for church kids who are navigating doubt

Deconstruction is a scary word in church circles but what does it actually mean? If you start down that path, can there be any coming back? And is reconstruction even an option after wrestling with doubt and the consequences of spiritual trauma?Church Kid Deconstruction: A Survival Guide will seek to help young Christians answer these questions and more!

I'm excited to announce that I am currently working on a book for "church kids" who are seeking to stay rooted in their faith in Jesus while facing seasons of doubt. This book is meant for all teens and young adults who have spent their lives in church and feel like they have checked all the boxes, attended all the youth group worship nights, gone on the short-term mission trips but still find themselves wondering if this whole Jesus-thing is real. Add to it that there are so many conflicting priorities being pushed within the American Evangelical church and it's no wonder so many "good Christian kids" are struggling with their faith.Church Kid Deconstruction: A Survival Guide will be filled with engaging stories, valuable insights into scripture, and practical tips meant to inspire and empower readers in their faith journey. My hope is that it will not only give teens and young adults the tools needed to grow in their faith but also encourage current and former "church kids" to remain steady when rocked by doubt and trauma.I can't wait to share this book with the world and see how it impacts the lives of young people everywhere!

About The Author

Jared Bennett

Jared Bennett is a Youth Pastor committed to discipling the next generation of Jesus followers. Having been raised as a Pastor's Kid in a baptist church and with over 13 years of professional ministry experience across multiple evangelical denominations from the Mississippi river to the Pacific Northwest, he speaks with a thoughtful and grounded voice rooted in intentional youth ministry.

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